Company Profile

Dardanelli Grupp, through the years the company has consistently delivered industry leading service in manufacturing and exporting of agro products to domestic and international customers. Dardanelli knowledge base in agriculture business, sourcing network efficiency and logistics services enable doing business with us a pleasure.
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As manufacturer, processor and exporter of agro products, the company moves into the future. We are continually improving our capabilities in terms of our sourcing strength in the markets and processing strength at our facility. Our company stands firm in the commitment to provide quality and prompt service to the customer and seriously work towards the customer delight.
We are a producing and exporting company which is engaged in marketing and exporting a wide range of agro products to different countries in the world.
Founded in 1988, we have established a strong base in domestic business and with massive experience, started exporting from 2009. Promoted and managed with a strong agricultural background and has immense experience in management and logistics.
We have been supplying into the food export market through constant innovations in our products range and by maintaining a high standard of quality in keeping with recent trends in consumer demands and well as competition in today's export markets. We have been procuring and providing products from leading manufacturers and brands and customizing our products.
Our company has in a faily short period succeeded in the agro products export industry. Our manufacturers from whom we source a majority of our products possess full fledged production capacity and are in a position to execute export orders at short notice.
In Dardanelli Grupp, we hope to leave a strong impression on the food export market by offering the highest standards of quality and service to our clientele all around the world.

Company Mission: 

Dardanelli Grupp aims at improving its position further by achieving sustainable and viable growth rate through excellence in all its activities, generating optimum profits through total satisfaction of shareholders, customers, suppliers, employees and society. Understand more successfully the needs of the consumer and the market ambience through ethical business. management, taking into consideration the consumer’s interests. Dardanelli cares beyond customer satisfaction by providing high-quality products, services and value and to attain a lucrative and sustainable growth and return for our shareholders

Company Objections 

Reliable established supplier/buyer having over 3 decades of experience in the trade.
Exporting/Importing in bulk.
Sourcing from established suppliers.
Securing competitive prices through bulk buying.
Strong links with government & state marketing agencies.
Recognized as the best quality supplier of Agro products.
Large warehousing facilities having proximity to rail-heads and ports.
Well controlled logistics for movement of goods.